Nearing the End

It's nearly the end of Karttika. These last several days have been a bit more challenging. Even though I felt like I was getting adequate nutrition before, last week I just started feeling very low energy in the evenings. I've ended up taking ekadasi-style prasad in the evenings but I still go to bed hungry. … Continue reading Nearing the End

Musings on Govardhan

Happy Govardhan Utsav! Govardhan Utsav (also called Annakuta) marks the day during the sacred month of Karttika when, at Krishna's persuasion, the Vrajabasis made an offering to Govardhan Hill in place of their annual Indra-yagna. I find this story incredibly confusing and wanted to try to unpack it a little. It's funny; Govardhan and Giriraj … Continue reading Musings on Govardhan

The Meaning of Diwali: Love, Justice, and Community

Excerpted from a post originally published on the Huffington Post. Read more (and comment responsibly) here. Today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. It's a holiday celebrating the triumph of good over evil, of justice over injustice, of... To be honest, these phrases, rolling so easily off the tongue in answer to the inquisitive … Continue reading The Meaning of Diwali: Love, Justice, and Community

Miserliness of Heart (Karttika 2012)

Well, I’m back. Back at Princeton, back to “life,” and back to myself, a little bit. The last week has been very rough, psychologically, and since arriving on campus I’ve tried to gain a little more groundedness and perspective. A lot of my problems come from not appreciating my actual situation and living instead in … Continue reading Miserliness of Heart (Karttika 2012)

An Adventure, and Meditation on Sloth (Karttika 2012)

I missed yesterday’s post; it ended up being a bit of a crazy day. I biked into Lower Manhattan to drop off some supplies at my temple and to check out the scene. People were using fire-hoses to “de-water” their basements and shops all over Lower Manhattan and pushing their flooded-out cars down the block, … Continue reading An Adventure, and Meditation on Sloth (Karttika 2012)

Sleeping with the Sacred (Karttika 2012)

It’s said that every time of suffering is a blessing spiritually, and an opportunity to move closer to God. I’ve always found this to be true; I sit closer to Krishna when I’m suffering, and my faith is strengthened from it. One of the greatest blessings of the last month has been the sense of … Continue reading Sleeping with the Sacred (Karttika 2012)

The Perfect Storm (Karttika 2012)

I woke up this morning in the midst of the perfect storm. My trip was put on hold and students were sent home to weather out these two days, so I and another participant made the short trip back to my family home in Brooklyn. My bed is right next to the window, so during … Continue reading The Perfect Storm (Karttika 2012)

Stuck in Temporality (Karttika 2012)

I’m in NYC this week for fall break but am leading a fall breakout trip (hence no home and no rest!). It’s a trip studying religious diversity & faith-based service in urban communities and we’re traveling all around the city over the course of the next week visiting different communities and doing service projects. Well, … Continue reading Stuck in Temporality (Karttika 2012)

Prayer and Hope (Karttika 2012)

I’m beginning a daily blog in honor of Karttika, the holiest month in the Hindu calendar. During Karttika Masa, or Damodara Masa, it’s traditional for Vaishnavas to remember Sri Krishna as Damodara or Bal Gopal. I’ll share more on this story later, but in brief, it’s the story of Sri Krishna as a little child … Continue reading Prayer and Hope (Karttika 2012)

Negotiating Faith I: Hindu Practice, Christian Roots

I wanted to share a post by my dear friend Chris, a Vaishnav monk and seminary student at Union Theological Seminary, on negotiating his Christian roots and Hindu identity & faith while finding nourishment in Christian practice. I feel very, very similarly and I'd love to write a response, but now's not the time, as … Continue reading Negotiating Faith I: Hindu Practice, Christian Roots