Current Availability

I am currently available for stand-alone up to three-part workshops on navigating the climate emotions (grief, despair, avoidance) and finding a path to the work of active hope. I am comfortable working with teens, younger adults, midlife adults, and elders. The course is tailored to the needs of your group.

I am also available for half-semester or semester-long teaching on Spiritual Care in Climate Change. The course draws on the literature of climate emotions, existing modalities in spiritual care, and asset-based collaboration practices. Depending on length, the course develops students’ emotional, somatic, and spiritual awareness; teaches emotional first aid and peer support; and introduces creative collaboration. This course is suitable for young adults through elders.

Lastly, I am available for presentations, panels, or sermons on climate despair, activism, grief, hope. Please contact me through the contact form on this website.

Public Teaching Experience

I have facilitated stand-alone workshops and series on climate change and the climate emotions, finding a path to “doing something” about climate, and/or spiritual ecology for groups including Sacred Ecology Forum, The Bhakti Center, and Yale School of the Environment.

My teaching incorporates awareness of current events (in climate and the body politic), intersectional awareness, somatic practices, and student-led pathways towards meaning-making and agency. I do not deliver cookie-cutter templates or “solutions.” I support students and groups in creating meaning and agency within their existing contexts. There are always more options than we see.

Academic Teaching Experience

Co-Convenor for 2050 Fellows, a multidisciplinary seminar series drawing students from across the graduate schools. I was a co-convenor for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years, facilitating the programmatic, admissions, and technical aspects of the seminar series. Topics included “Safeguarding Democracy,” “The Nature of Work,” “Climate Solutions,” “Gathering and Connectedness in a Digital Age,” “The Urban-Rural Divide,” and more.

Graduate Teaching Fellow for Perspectives in Environmental Leadership, fall term 2019, 2020, 2021 at Yale School of the Environment. This course introduces first-year Masters’ students to the “systems thinking approach” and to a variety of environmental changemaking strategies. Teaching Fellow responsibilities include facilitating weekly section discussions on both systems topics and personal/professional development, lesson planning, weekly grading and feedback, and providing support for students in the transition into graduate school.

Graduate Teaching Fellow for Sociology of Sacred Values, fall term 2021 at Yale School of the Environment. This sociology of religion course, adapted to look at sacred values in environmental and mass-culture contexts, was popular with School of the Environment students with high enrollment. Teaching Fellow responsibilities included facilitating weekly section discussion on sociology theory and application, grading, exam review, and student support.

I have also presented at conferences including:

American Academy of Religion

American Academy of Religion: Mid-Atlantic Region

Yale Graduate Conference in Religion and Ecology

Yale Colloquium on Religion and Ecology

Yale Environmental Humanities Symposium

Ministry in a Time of Climate Change (MTSO/Center for Earth Ethics)