The Environment Matters In Religion, Too

The Environment Matters In Religion, Too Lately I've been feeling down about how religious people can neglect the environment or even feel environmental problems and suffering unimportant. Imam Khalid's post today was encouraging. Imam Khalid Latif is NYU's Muslim Chaplain and a shining beacon of compassion, fidelity, and hope for the religious and the progressive … Continue reading The Environment Matters In Religion, Too

Facing the Homeless

A few days ago I was walking through midtown Manhattan and passed by a young-ish man sitting on the edge of the crowded sidewalk. Eyes half-lidded as in a trance, he held in his hand a US Military ID: the cardboard sign leaning against his knees said “Homeless Veteran, Please Help.” Growing up and living in … Continue reading Facing the Homeless

Nearing the End

It's nearly the end of Karttika. These last several days have been a bit more challenging. Even though I felt like I was getting adequate nutrition before, last week I just started feeling very low energy in the evenings. I've ended up taking ekadasi-style prasad in the evenings but I still go to bed hungry. … Continue reading Nearing the End