Grace in Islam and Beyond

Adapted from the longer essay "Let the Ocean Carry." One common characteristic of Oriental religious texts is that the more beautiful and poetic they are, the less clear they are on doctrine. In Islam, however, we are fortunate to have a common source and inspiration for all the centuries of Islamic poetry and art: the … Continue reading Grace in Islam and Beyond

The Pearl

Gulshan-i Raz, the “rose-bower of mystery”, is a collection of poetical dialogues between a Sufi Sheikh, Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari, and a student, Rukh al-Din Amir Harawi. Sheikh Shabestari was himself a student of ibn ‘Attar, author of the famous Conference of the Birds, and ibn ‘Arabi, a Spanish Sufi and prolific writer. The Gulshan-i Raz … Continue reading The Pearl