The Perfect Storm (Karttika 2012)

I woke up this morning in the midst of the perfect storm. My trip was put on hold and students were sent home to weather out these two days, so I and another participant made the short trip back to my family home in Brooklyn. My bed is right next to the window, so during … Continue reading The Perfect Storm (Karttika 2012)

Stuck in Temporality (Karttika 2012)

I’m in NYC this week for fall break but am leading a fall breakout trip (hence no home and no rest!). It’s a trip studying religious diversity & faith-based service in urban communities and we’re traveling all around the city over the course of the next week visiting different communities and doing service projects. Well, … Continue reading Stuck in Temporality (Karttika 2012)

Prayer and Hope (Karttika 2012)

I’m beginning a daily blog in honor of Karttika, the holiest month in the Hindu calendar. During Karttika Masa, or Damodara Masa, it’s traditional for Vaishnavas to remember Sri Krishna as Damodara or Bal Gopal. I’ll share more on this story later, but in brief, it’s the story of Sri Krishna as a little child … Continue reading Prayer and Hope (Karttika 2012)

Negotiating Faith I: Hindu Practice, Christian Roots

I wanted to share a post by my dear friend Chris, a Vaishnav monk and seminary student at Union Theological Seminary, on negotiating his Christian roots and Hindu identity & faith while finding nourishment in Christian practice. I feel very, very similarly and I'd love to write a response, but now's not the time, as … Continue reading Negotiating Faith I: Hindu Practice, Christian Roots

Navadurga: Chandraghanta – Courage and Tranquility

Originally posted on the Princeton Hindu Satsangam blog as part of our Navratri series.Last year at Diwali at the Chapel, I shared a med­i­ta­tion on the story of Hanu­manji and the stone bridge. I spoke about a near-death expe­ri­ence and find­ing strength to pull through from call­ing on God’s name. In the Ramayana, build­ing the bridge to … Continue reading Navadurga: Chandraghanta – Courage and Tranquility

Navadurga Brahmacharini: Blessing the Seeker

Originally posted on the Princeton Hindu Satsangam blog as part of our Navratri series.When I was assigned to reflect on the sec­ond form of Devi, I was both excited and intim­i­dated to med­i­tate on the Divine as the bestower of grace and patron of spir­i­tual seek­ers. Brah­macharini, the form of Devi who is hon­ored on … Continue reading Navadurga Brahmacharini: Blessing the Seeker

An Argument for Dedication

This post is a follow-up to my last post on Spiritual Relativism. I'll be more direct here on why a parampara is important and hope that readers can understand where I'm coming from - and respond to points of offense. I'll also note that this is focused on spiritual relativism/spiritual exploration as relevant to the yoga … Continue reading An Argument for Dedication

Spiritual Relativism

My friend Chris recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post on the blessing of guru parampara (connection to a lineage of teachers) and the spiritual relativism of modern-day seekers. As a former spiritual relativist now committed to an orthodox Hindu parampara (to encapsulate my life history in a nutshell), I've struggled with this question … Continue reading Spiritual Relativism

Like Sunshine Through Fog

Over the course of my spiritual journey from my Episcopal childhood through some kind of atheism to Vaishnav Hinduism I’ve learned a lot about appreciating truths in many faiths, and appreciating the beauty of practice and worship. One of the main messages that has guided me through the rollercoaster ride of my own journey towards … Continue reading Like Sunshine Through Fog

Ekadasi in Paris: Religious Observances and Travel

Sometimes I wonder what it would take to cause me to doubt my religious beliefs, or break the observances I hold so dear. As a religious convert, I’m probably a bit more enthusiastic about religious observances than most, a badge I wear with pride and no small amount of self-deprecation. Generally, once I learn about … Continue reading Ekadasi in Paris: Religious Observances and Travel