Navadurga: Chandraghanta – Courage and Tranquility

Originally posted on the Princeton Hindu Satsangam blog as part of our Navratri series.Last year at Diwali at the Chapel, I shared a med­i­ta­tion on the story of Hanu­manji and the stone bridge. I spoke about a near-death expe­ri­ence and find­ing strength to pull through from call­ing on God’s name. In the Ramayana, build­ing the bridge to … Continue reading Navadurga: Chandraghanta – Courage and Tranquility

Navadurga Brahmacharini: Blessing the Seeker

Originally posted on the Princeton Hindu Satsangam blog as part of our Navratri series.When I was assigned to reflect on the sec­ond form of Devi, I was both excited and intim­i­dated to med­i­tate on the Divine as the bestower of grace and patron of spir­i­tual seek­ers. Brah­macharini, the form of Devi who is hon­ored on … Continue reading Navadurga Brahmacharini: Blessing the Seeker