First Visit to the Holy Land

I return to this blog after over a month of radio silence. As Karttik drew to a close, academic demands picked up and I found myself unable to maintain many of my favorite activities & practices, let alone this blog. As soon as the semester ended I dashed away to India where I’ve spent the last three weeks, mostly offline, immersed in chanting, hearing, and visiting holy places. It was quite a changing experience, perhaps even a turning point in my spiritual life, in ways that I’m barely beginning to understand. I spent two-plus weeks in Vrindavan and four days in Mumbai at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir. Both experiences were deeply affecting, although in quite different ways. This was my first time in India, but that simple geographical fact wasn’t what made my experiences so powerful. The spiritual potency of these places themselves – and of the people there – is bound to impact anyone who travels to the Holy Dham, no matter one’s level of consciousness. It’s said that spending a fortnight in Vrindavan creates a lasting impression, and that was certainly my experience.

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