In Case You Didn’t Know

You are not the body!

Gadhadhara Pandit Dasa, a Vaishnav monk in New York and chaplain affiliated with Columbia University, recently published an article on HuffPo on this subject. Read it here.

I was noting the same thing yesterday in the Gita, 13.1-3.

Arjuna said: O Krsna, I wish to know about prakrti [nature], purusa [the enjoyer], and the field and the knower of the field, and of knowledge and of the end of knowledge.

“The Blessed Lord said: This body, O son of Kunti, is called the field, and one who knows this body is called the knower of the field.

“O scion of Bharata, you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies, and to understand this body and its owner is called knowledge. That is My opinion.”

To explain briefly, there is a meaningful distinction between the physical body, mind, and senses, and the observing, guiding nature, usually called the spirit/soul. The body, mind, and senses can often be our worst enemy, subject to illness, confusion, distraction, and so on. Through knowledge and self-awareness we can move closer to our truer nature.

Similar concept in Buddhism:

The quivering, wavering mind, hard to guard, hard to check, the sagacious one makes straight like a fletcher makes straight an arrow shaft. … The sagacious one may tend the mind. Hard to be seen, extremely subtle, alighting wherever it wants the tended mind brings ease. … For one of unsteady mind who knows not true dhamma, whose serenity is drifting, wisdom never becomes full. (Dhammapada 33, 36, 38)

2 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t Know

  1. Can you add comparable excerpts from the Koran, the Old Testament and the Gospel? Do you have access to a Bible Concordance?
    I suggest a more targeted title to this blog-piece: Mind over Body or something


  2. it is a good idea to stick to one faith rather than researching comparative religion, too many readers may find it too funny! Although I agree that not ridiculing any faith is the right way, trying to be politically correct takes away one’s seriousness in any faith.


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